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Harshit Singh
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I'm Harshit and I'm a

I am a twelve-year-old child who enjoys working on computers and mobiles, reading and programming.I am dedicated and tech-savvy, but can also be very stubborn and a bit impatient. I go to RPS International School, where my favourite subjects are Computer and Science.

My skills

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I am good at studying.I am good in English, Maths, Hindi,Science,Social Science. I enjoy programming. I can create websites,both static and dynamic.So far I have created 3 websites ,2 dynamic and 1 static.I also create python programs.I have created 3 of them.By the way I enjoy studying and programming.

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HTML 90%
CSS 60%
JavaScript 80%
PHP 50%
MySQL 70%

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Harshit Singh
Gurugram, Haryana
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